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New Finds

Post by MelvinDale »

A very good friend and fabulous keyboard player posted a vid on facebook. I usually will either ignore or listen to about 30 seconds (do youz guys use minutes and seconds on that side of the pond?) :lol:
Well being this came from Pete I decided to listen and was hooked - Love the funky groove, but the harmonies, oh those sweet harmonies.
Them Vibes with Maggie Rose doing 'Right On'

So that caused me to find out more and got hooked on Maggie Rose bigly (hey, it's a word)

Her release from last year is called 'Change The Whole Thing' - it was all recorded live in the studio. The above 'Long Way To Go' is a good showcase of her voice, her band and a look at a very hip way to record. There were several takes of each song before they were all happy, but I'd say it paid off.

Hopefully the links will work, if not take a minute or four or five and look'em up - There's an hour documentary on the making of song sas well.
Hope you enjoy - if you don't that's OK - just means more for me :lol:
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Re: New Finds

Post by VIN »

Now that first one could be straight out of Soul Train ! 8-)

Maggie got a lovely voice in that second clip and what a great way to record !
You really capture something extra if the entire band is present.
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Re: New Finds

Post by slidingtom »

That's some good stuff there! :)
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